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From customer experience to big data; cyber security to digital infrastructure; Barclays’ female technologists are developing the tech of tomorrow. Together, they’ve created the Barclays Women in Technology network – a global community of inspiring women who are empowering each other to develop their technology careers.

With almost 15,000 members spanning the globe – from London to Singapore – and plans to grow further, they’re developing cutting-edge solutions, services and products that support millions of customers. We’ve spoken to some of the network’s members to hear how they’re driving innovation within the business and empowering the next generation of female technologists.

Getting started

How do you start out on a career in tech? For some, it’s a natural progression from their studies. For others, it’s an interest that builds over time – one that can come at any stage of their life. Barclays’ female technologists come from a wide range of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they’re using their passion for tech to reach new heights.

“I’ve always been fascinated by fraud and security, but my degree is in fashion promotion. I found that if you’re prepared to work hard, you’ll be able to adapt and apply your skills to a variety of different areas. I’ve progressed because I’m passionate about what I do. Now, it’s my job to ensure the bank and our customers remain cyber-protected.” Victoria Simpson, Security Manager

Global and local impact

The Barclays women in tech aren’t just developing their careers with us, they’re impacting others too. Through mentoring and knowledge sharing, they’re educating the leaders of tomorrow. They’re stepping into communities and showing the next generation what it means to be a female technologist.

“I’ve had the privilege to work with many young adults. From engaging in internal and external mentoring to encouraging children to go into STEM subjects. As individuals, we need to ensure there will be more women standing next to us in the future. We need to make sure the women in our teams know that they belong here, and that their skills are valued and very much needed.” – Jo Garnett, Head of BUK Run the Bank

Taking finance into the future

FinTech is the future. It’s not just about data and numbers. It’s about developing innovative solutions that will make finance easier for our customers and clients. It’s about identifying their future needs and creatively bringing them to life. And it’s being built by our teams around the world – from data scientists who anticipate customer needs to the developers, tests and designers who bring the tech to life. Together, we’re taking finance into the future.

“Without creativity, we would never be able to truly innovate in the technology space. From predicting fraudulent transactions to recommending which products are best suited for our customers, there are endless opportunities in a tech career.” – Ashleigh Randall, Data Scientist

An inclusive community

We’re growing our diverse community. We’re ensuring every voice is heard and every woman has the platform to achieve her goals. We’re welcoming people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and nationalities. We’re working together to take our rich, diverse business forward.

“Having a range of talent allows you to tap into different mindsets, points of view and experience, which provides the best products for our clients. I’ve led several strategic initiatives in the US and UK, but I would have to say the most exciting thing I’ve developed wasn’t a particular project, rather it’s been building leaders in technology and inspiring teams throughout my career.” – Gillian Lamela, Engineering Delivery Lead

A new challenge is waiting for you

No two days are the same and every new development is changing the way we see the financial world of tomorrow. We’re being led forward by the Barclays Women in Technology. We’re redefining the future of finance. Are you ready to join us?