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Can non-technology specialists work in Technology?

Relationships are at the heart of Technology. And, Barclays Technology is a key partner to our core businesses. From personal banking to investment banking, cards and payments to merchant services. Our technologists keep our business running, drive innovation, problem solve, and form key partnerships with colleagues across the group.

And, because communication and problem solving are key, it means that to work in technology you don’t need to know how to code or know the ins and outs of our systems when you start your career with us. By being creative and curious; customer-focused, agile and collaborative you can succeed in technology and help redefine the future of finance at Barclays.

We spoke with some of our Women in Technology across the UK, USA and India to learn more about how they have overcome the misconceptions and myths about technology and financial services.

Felicitas Wood, Head of Customer Security, Namrata Khubchandani, Programme Manager, Carolyn Ngiam, Head of Global Technology Infrastructure Services Programme Delivery, Janani Vijaykumar, Assistant Vice President in Chief Controls Office, and Minal Sakriya, ETL Developer, told us about the misconception that you need to be a Technology expert to work in Tech.

“The right attitude and aptitude have been a foundation to my success. I am usually the least technical person in the room, but instead have become a jack-of-all-trades, as I have learned on the job over the last seven years and acquired the knowledge I need to be successful in my role.” - Felicitas Wood

Felicitas, Head of Customer Security, drives effective stakeholder relationships, acting as the interlock for security across the business units and technology teams.

“Since working at Barclays for over five years, one of the most common beliefs is that in order to work in Technology for Barclays you need to be pure Techie or a Technology Subject matter expert. I believe that this is a myth and while pure Technology jobs at Barclays are abundant, there are a host of other opportunities to work within Technology, which I am proof of.” - Namrata Khubchandani

Namrata is a Programme Manager leading a team of Developers and Technologists to help deliver critical Technology Programmes.

“There is an array of opportunities within Technology whereby you are not required to be a Technology subject matter expert. Seek opportunities where you can develop on the job to expand your knowledge and skill set, such as testing, business analysis and support roles.”- Carolyn Ngiam

Carolyn, Head of Global Technology Infrastructure Services (GTIS) Programme Delivery, is accountable for the execution of the multi-year, multi-million-pound Global Technology Infrastructure Services Change Portfolio.

"I moved from a retail banking function to an Investment Banking team. I realised that by doing research about trends in the industry, learning from people in the team, and by staying calm with the right attitude you can reach dizzy heights!" - Janani Vijaykumar

Janani, Assistant Vice President in Chief Controls Office, provides subject expertise within Global Markets Operations regarding Group and Regulatory risk policy and initiates ensuring consistency of approach and translation of requirements. 

“With a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting and Auditing, I was concerned that I needed to have a Computer Science degree in order to work in Technology. Little did I know my assumptions were wrong, and that some of the biggest challenges we face, are simply the obstacles and hurdles we place in our own way.”- Minal Sakriya

Minal works as an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Developer, analysing and developing solutions to meet the project requirements.

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