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Read about Ambika's experience in Risk as she strives to grow and be challenged

I’ve been with Barclays since 2010. My journey has been very exciting and full of growth and learning. I started as Financial Analyst and moved through multiple roles across Barclays Retail, Barclaycard, Investment Banking, Operations and Technology and now Risk. During this time I’ve grown both personally and professionally – Barclays really helps you balance the two.

I’m a mother of young twins. I was promoted to Vice President while I was in the family way – the global leaders offered me the role based on my merit, knowing that I wasn’t too far from my maternity leave and held the role till my return. It wasn’t an easy decision considering the nature of the role, however it inspired a lot of colleagues, myself included.

The inclusive culture and access to leadership makes Barclays a very special place to work.

I was highly motivated to resume work, however after some time I wanted something more challenging to justify time spent away from my toddlers. That’s when I took a horizontal move into Risk to satisfy my desire to learn new things and to challenge my abilities in a new area. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to keep on my learning journey. My ability to make a positive difference at work drives and motivates me. My role in Risk has constantly evolved. It has been a big learning experience for me.

My current role of Service and Business Manager for the Risk Team is really interesting. I am responsible for creating the Centre of Excellence for Service and Business Management across Risk, by establishing core commonality and best practice. I drive execution for a sustainable strategy: this includes driving pan–Risk activities for increased colleague engagement. In my role I constantly have to strike a delicate balance to empower my team but still be there for them. At times I make decisions based on my instincts, but it has always felt that we are in it together.

I joined as an Analyst and my mindset to bring positive change around me has brought me so far. There is a lot more to explore, and so much to enjoy. At Barclays dynamic working gives everyone an opportunity to integrate their professional and personal lives.

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