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Meet Natalia Raclot, Relationship Director, Frankfurt

I'm building the relationships that are helping Barclays Europe to grow.

Natalia joined Barclays Europe Financial Institutions team in 2020, bringing with her many years of experience in the German banking industry. Her impressive track record and her strong belief in the great potential of Barclays Europe, mean she’s well placed to seize the opportunities presented by this rapidly growing business.

When the decision was taken to move our European Clearing hub from London to our Frankfurt office, Natalia was offered a unique opportunity: to become our first Relationship Director dedicated to Europe. It was, she knew, a role with huge potential:

I knew I was coming in at the start of something big, and it would be challenging, but also immensely rewarding.

There were many reasons, she explains, why this new role was so interesting. She was excited by the opportunity to be part of this developing business, and particularly by our ambition to expand our Clearing business. In a wider sense, she says, she was attracted by Barclays’ reputation and stature in global banking. She understood how our size and growth potential made Barclays Europe a place where she could gain exposure and experience, and make a real impact:

This was much more than just taking on a new role; I was joining this important global organisation, with all it could offer me.

As a Relationship Director, charged with expanding the Barclays Euro Clearing portfolio, Natalia is enjoying a significant role in the growth of the business. She describes how she’s been able to take the initiative in building the client network almost from scratch – but with the full support of the business. And because European Clearing is a product we offer to financial institutions across the world, Natalia has worked with our teams in a variety of European locations. These teams, she says, have been able to introduce her – and therefore Barclays Europe – to their clients:

We have a very compelling story to tell about the strength and depth of Barclays globally, and in Europe specifically – this reassures our clients that their funds are in the very safest hands. I’ve had so much support to do this, and lots of opportunity to showcase my capabilities.

Natalia is impressed by the welcoming and supportive culture she has found at Barclays Europe. She believes this is because the bank is full of diverse and talented international teams who are joined by a common goal. The management culture, she observes, is extremely positive: “I really feel our managers are totally behind us and committed to doing the right thing”. She says she’s surrounded by many excellent role models who she can learn from, and talks enthusiastically about the people she works with, who she recognises as being highly committed:

There’s very good internal communication about strategy and why we are here: for our clients, for our people and for our society. Everyone is focused on how we can achieve what we need to do, and how to overcome our challenges.

Natalia believes Barclays Europe has incredible potential, and enjoys conversations with clients in which she can explain the history, scale and scope of Barclays Europe and – of course – our ambitious plans for growth. She knows that Barclays already has an impressive track record in Europe, and that our decision to focus on Europe has meant our presence on the continent is continuing to grow:

Clients are impressed by the investment we are making in Europe and how committed we are to further growth. Everything is in place, and the perception of us is changing.

Natalia is confident that Barclays Europe has a bright future. With ambitious plans to grow our product range, our ability to meet the needs of our clients and strong support from the global bank, she can only see Barclays Europe continuing to be successful. She is committed to Barclays Europe “for the foreseeable future”, she says, but she knows there could be wider opportunities for her if she can continue to take the initiative and raise her profile within the business.

Barclays Europe has been a great success story for Natalia. Would she recommend it as a place for others to bring their career aspirations?

I would say stop thinking and do it. I joined in the middle of lockdown – friends would ask me if I was doing the right thing in such uncertain times, and with a young daughter. But I had a good feeling about it, and I was right. I’ve had so much support to balance my work and my life, and this has been the best career decision I have ever made.

an image of natalia in a scarf and coat

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