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What we do

Millions of customers now rely on technology for their banking experience. We develop the exciting new software, apps and digital banking products they need right now, as well as the solutions they will want and need in the future.

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Example roles

Development: Java Developer, iOS/Android Lead

Testing: Test Manager, Automation Test Lead

Architecture: Application Architect

What we do

Our customers trust us with their data and their money. We keep them safe by investing heavily in intelligence-led responsive security, supported by world-class technology. In a fast changing tech landscape, we lead the way in security innovation.

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Example teams and roles

Cyber Intelligence: Cyber Crime Analyst

Cyber Assurance: Penetration Tester

Security Solutions: Agile Security Change Specialist

What we do

A business of our importance needs the most secure and resilient infrastructure to support our customers, clients and colleagues across the globe. Our infrastructure teams provide and maintain our live systems, as well as vital hosting and collaboration services worldwide.

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Example teams and roles

Service Management: Service Manager

First line support: Helpdesk Analyst

Service Operations: Major Incident Manager

Network Support: Messaging Engine

What we do

Data is central to the way we support the lives of our millions of customers, clients and stakeholders. Our data ecosystem is fed by data from many sources, and generates valuable insights we need to provide the best possible services.

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Example teams and roles

Data Architecture: Data Architects; Data Modellers

Platform Engineering: Database, Software and Test Engineers

Enterprise Data Services: Data Scientists; Big Data Developers

Insights Enablement: Data Insights Managers

Our technology

We are continually investing in the technology powering our business. This means rebuilding and reinventing our systems to make them fit for a world-class future. It means developing systems that help us support and protect the global economy. It means anticipating the future and taking Barclays forward as a technology-led business. We are building a team of the most perceptive and talented tech analysts, engineers and developers fluent in the most current languages to deliver all of this, and more.

What we do

Delivering the future of finance

Throughout our 329 year history we've met and overcome the many and varied challenges of a constantly changing world. And in this world where change is accelerating, our role is to provide stability and security today, while making sure we are prepared for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. In increasingly uncertain times, one thing's for sure: technology is vital to the future of Barclays. And the best tech talent is essential to delivering that future.

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World-leading tech for tomorrow

From consumer experience to big data, from cyber security to infrastructure, we're using the very best tech today and developing innovative and world leading tech for tomorrow. For millions of customers worldwide, on a global scale. Because when tomorrow comes you can be sure that Barclays will be there for our customers, with our technology supporting their day-to-day lives – as well as their dreams and aspirations.


A world of technology and innovation

As you might expect from a global organisation like Barclays, we can be found in many of the world’s most significant locations. And as you might expect from a business focused on our technological future, these are places where you can find the very best tech talent, all working on the innovations that will redefine the future of finance.

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Our London hub in Canary Wharf is home to over 2,000 colleagues. It’s a hugely diverse workforce of specialist teams comprised of the world’s best financial and tech talent, a place where you can explore the many functions and opportunities of a global financial leader. Here, you’ll get more from your career by collaborating with other talented tech thought-leaders on game-changing innovations that are redefining the future of finance.

Barclays' technology in London video See available roles in London.


Our London hub in Canary Wharf is home to over 2,000 colleagues. It’s a hugely diverse workforce of specialist teams comprised of the world’s best financial and tech talent, a place where you can explore the many functions and opportunities of a global financial leader. Here, you’ll get more from your career by collaborating with other talented tech thought-leaders on game-changing innovations that are redefining the future of finance.

Barclays' technology in London video See available roles in London.

Radbroke & Liverpool

In the North West we have roles open for Customer Service roles in our Radbroke and Liverpool offices. Radbroke is home to over 5,000 people in one of the UK’s largest tech workspaces: a 64-acre, university-style campus of world-class facilities. Our Barclays Wavertree Liverpool office is another strategic site, which is a vitally important home to all Barclays and Barclaycard services. Both offer great opportunities as both campuses offer a culture that encourages people to stay and progress their careers, and places of work that continually attracts the best new talent.

See available roles in Radbroke & Liverpool.

Newcastle & Sunderland

In the North East, we have opportunities in two of our key locations: Sunderland and Newcastle. Located in the Newcastle Quayside is our Newcastle office, where our diverse workforces offers an extensive range of services from PLCs to Risk; from personal banking to customer service. Our Sunderland Contact Centre is based at Doxford International. This is home to a diverse variety of business functions including Moment Banking, Fraud Experts, Business Banking and Mortgages to name just a few.

See available roles in Newcastle & Sunderland.


Barclays Hamilton is located at the centre of the Cincinnati-Dayton-Oxford triangle. Colleagues support the US Consumer Bank in a variety of Customer servicing telephony and non-voice functions including: Customer Care, Fraud and Barclays Financial Assistance. Non-telephony functions such as Colleague Experience and Ops Rigor also have a presence in Hamilton.

See available roles in Hamilton.


Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware just south of Philadelphia, is the home of Barclays US Consumer Bank and customer service teams that support Barclays Financial Assistance, Fraud and Collections. With about 1,500 employees in Wilmington and more than 3,000 nationwide, our US Consumer Bank is a leading co-branded credit card issuer and financial services partner that creates highly customized programs to drive customer loyalty and engagement for some of the most successful travel, entertainment, retail and affinity institutions in the US.

See available roles in Wilmington.


Barclays Henderson is the largest Operations centre for our US Consumer Bank (USCB), located just miles from Las Vegas, NV. Colleagues at the state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot campus support the USCB in a variety of Customer Servicing telephony and non-voice functions including: Customer Care, Credit, Fraud and Barclays Financial Assistance. We also house many support teams including: Data & Analytics, Technology, Anti-Money Laundering, Customer Experience and other key functions.

See available roles in Henderson.

Radbroke, Knutsford & Manchester

The North West is very important to us. We have multiple offices in Manchester and our campus in Radbroke – our state-of-the-art technology hub – is one of the UK’s largest centres for information security. Here, over 5000 people conceive of, design and develop the innovative technological solutions that protect our customers and lead the world in digital banking.

Learn more about Barclays North West. See available roles in the North West.


Barclays is a true Scottish success story, a global strategic hub bringing together the best of Barclays’ talent, functions and technology in a supportive and caring community. Our operations range from Wealth to Risk; from personal banking to customer service; from Fraud to technical innovations. Significant growth and the investment we are receiving reflects our importance in the Barclays world.

Learn more about Barclays Scotland See available roles in Scotland.


Barclays Northampton Campus is the vitally important home to Barclaycard and all Barclays card and payment services. It’s also a strategic centre of excellence for Barclays globally. Our culture of innovation has led to many ‘firsts’ including Barclaycard; the first chip and pin in 2003; contactless payments in 2007; the first mobile payment device in 2011; and we’re making huge advancements in machine learning and AI right now.

Learn more about Barclays Northampton See available roles in Northampton.

Whippany, New Jersey

Barclays Whippany is our first purpose-built Campus in the US: a technology-led, state-of-the-art workplace of the future, home to the Tech, Cyber Security and Payments command centres that are key to our US and global strategy. We are developing automation, machine learning, AI and cloud computing technology in a wireless and flexible environment designed to be a place where the best people can do great work.

Learn more about Barclays Whippany See available roles in Whippany.

New York, New York

Times Square, New York is home to Barclays’ US headquarters, and the Americas hub for our Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB). Here, over 4,500 colleagues come together in front office and infrastructure roles to support our CIB clients. It’s a community of dedicated professionals creating opportunities and solving challenges for some of the world’s top companies, from start-ups to industry leaders, and our trading floors buzz with the energy of one of the world's largest investment banks.

See available roles in New York.

Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington is where you’ll find Barclays US Consumer Bank, an exciting, diverse and fast-paced home to over 1500 technically excellent colleagues. We have a real desire and enthusiasm to connect with our Barclays colleagues across the USA to develop the disruptive technologies that will continue to make the bank stand out in the banking and payments market.

See available roles in Wilmington.


Barclays Pune is a huge campus, the largest single location outside of Barclays’ global headquarters in London. It’s a state-of-the-art technology hub, and home to nearly half of our Indian workforce. Home to 9000 colleagues across Operations, Technology and Functions, our aim is to build game-changing technology that supports businesses and functions across the globe, offering the highest quality service to our clients and customers.

Watch Barclays technology in Pune video See available roles in Pune.


Chennai is one of our key strategic locations. It is home to over 5000 talented and passionate Barclays colleagues across Finance and HR functions through to Operations and Technology ensuring the bank’s technology and infrastructure runs smoothly. Our office is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is designed to provide a vibrant, collaborative and unique working environment for our colleagues.

Learn more about Barclays India See available roles in India.


Opened in 2008, Noida was our first strategic site of significant scale in India and since then has continued to grow considerably. With our growth, we have increased the capability of the site and the diversity of thought and backgrounds of our colleagues. Co-location of our teams enables us to better collaborate and innovate, delivering best-in-class solutions across Voice, Data, Business Operations, and Functions.

Learn more about Barclays Noida See available roles in Noida.


Our Singapore office is in the heart of the city’s central business district. Home to over 900 colleagues, it focuses on Barclays’ business operations and includes a state-of-the-art trading floor. As an integral part of Barclays’ global operations, there is immense scope in our work; we are all united by our passion for excellence and our drive to innovate.

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Barclays Prague is home to some of the most talented tech developers in the world. It’s a place where great minds come together and make remarkable innovations, and where developers re-write the past, protect the present and anticipate the future. Our tech team is admired and respected by colleagues in Barclays tech across the globe.

Learn more about Barclays Prague See available roles in Prague.
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Diversity and community in technology

Our tech community is rich and diverse, thanks to our vibrant team of people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and nationalities. We are committed to a culture where you can bring your true self to work, and be recognised and celebrated for your contribution to our business. We share our knowledge and experience together, and take our expertise out into our communities, where we’re making a real difference. And all of us live and breathe our Barclays Values, our guide and our code – in everything we do, every single day.

Read more about how our colleagues Carol and Ramya are contributing to diversity and community in Barclays Technology.

Our culture

Flexible working

Our people are at their best when they can balance their home and work lives. So, we’ve developed a flexible approach, Dynamic Working, that empowers colleagues to choose how best to manage their lives, in work and outside.

Barclays People

Our tech community are creative, curious people who love challenge. They are customer-focused people who are agile and collaborative, excited by what they can do here. People who will redefine the future of finance.