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More about working at Barclays

Barclays’ pay and benefits package is designed to reward our employees for their drive, commitment and exceptional service.

Flexibility and choice to create a benefits package that’s individual to you.

Start with a competitive salary, pension/retirement fund, discretionary annual bonus, life assurance and income protection cover. Employees can also take advantage of a wide choice of voluntary benefits, with discounts and tax advantages on many of them.

We offer a competitive holiday allowance, depending on where you work and how long you’ve been working for Barclays.

As a Barclays colleague, you can look forward to plenty of challenges and opportunities, and the chance to develop both professionally and personally. We give Barclays colleagues plenty of opportunities to learn and move your career forward. If you’re just starting out, we can offer you a structured career progression plan, job rotations and international work placements.

Citizenship is an important part of the way we do business. We play a broader role in society, using our business expertise and the skills of our colleagues.

As a Barclays colleague, you could support our shared goal to help people develop the vital enterprise, employability and financial skills they need to help them achieve their ambitions, or help with other causes that are important to you.

We contribute to social change and economic growth. We’ve developed innovative products and services that serve our community – for example, the first Women in Leadership Index in our industry and the first way for British Sign Language users to contact a bank without visiting a branch.

We’ve also created thousands of employment opportunities through our apprenticeship schemes and our programme for ex-military personnel, as well as helping millions of young people build the enterprise, employability and financial skills they need to achieve their ambitions.

Our people have volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours and raised millions for causes they care about. These successes were built on thousands of individual achievements and the hard work, vision and dedication of our colleagues.

We actively encourage Barclays colleagues to give their time, money and skills to work that brings positive social and business results, so we support their volunteering and fundraising efforts.

We’re excited to be taking the next steps in our citizenship journey.

When we feel good, we have the energy and focus to support each other, our customers and clients, and the communities in which we live and work.

This is why Barclays is committed to giving you the tools and support to help you be your best – however you define it, it’s about understanding your own wellbeing and doing what works for you.

We have a wide range of comprehensive resources to support you: this includes information on nutrition, resilience, mental and emotional wellbeing, financial security, healthy working and social and family time – all the wellbeing support you need in one place.

There are sports and social clubs that enable you to meet new people and pursue your passions with likeminded colleagues.

Empowering you to be mentally fit

Barclays’ ambition is to break down the stigma surrounding mental ill health and to create an environment where colleagues are proactively supported to look after their mental wellbeing, getting support where needed, so that they are able to perform at their best.

Much like physical fitness, our mental fitness varies throughout our lives and is something we have to work at. Barclays is committed to continue being a mental health confident organisation. In an increasingly complex and dynamic world, we need tools to understand and manage our most important assets – our minds. At Barclays we equip our colleagues with E-learning tools, practical tips and exercises to help us encourage a positive, growth mindset and build resilience. And we have programmes to provide practical help, counselling and support to you and your family 24/7.

Empowering colleagues to take control of their learning, development and career.

We are committed to investing in our people at all stages of their career to help them develop both in their existing role and future career, and our strategy is to provide colleagues with a balance of digital learning, workshops and great on-the-job development experiences.

We’ve built Learning Lab, the entry point for all learning at Barclays. Learning Lab provides a modern learning experience for all colleagues’ regardless of location or level.

Colleagues can go on a personalized learning journey that includes best in class digital content, as well as accessible, anywhere, anytime learning and development opportunities designed to support them in the jobs they do today and help them prepare for future opportunities. This learning, available in a variety of forms, aims to develop their technical job specific skills, personal skills, and leadership skills.

Barclays also encourages colleagues to study for degree programmes and professional qualifications that benefit the business and support their development.

The Barclays Leadership Framework provides a definition and expectation of leaders at Barclays to help colleagues plan their own leadership development, driven by our core belief that quality leadership makes a difference to our success.

The framework is used across all levels of leadership – from new line managers, all the way through to our Group Executive Committee, supported by a variety of manager and leadership development training opportunities.

We believe that a diverse, inclusive and engaged culture is vital; that everyone’s value should be recognised and celebrated; and that every colleague has the same opportunity to fulfil their career potential.

Our Networks focus on five global diversity agendas: Disability, Gender, LGBT, Multicultural and Multigenerational. Each has its own dynamic network of colleagues who are dedicated to promoting, championing and supporting these agendas.

Barclays is an employer committed to recruiting and supporting people with a disability or mental health condition and we are proud to have been awarded Disability Confident Leader status by the UK Government’s Department of Work and Pensions.

To learn more about Disability Confident at Barclays, visit this page.

Flexible Working

At Barclays we have a clearly defined ambition to be an inclusive organisation where every individual has the opportunity to discover and reach their potential. We recognise that the world is changing. To be truly inclusive we have to embrace change and understand the role we play in business, society and the community. To make this happen, we have embedded flexible working to support colleagues across generations, gender, sexual orientation and every aspect of diversity.


"Barclays aims to attract, retain and develop the best talent in the market – everywhere that we operate. In pursuit of that aim, I am committed to Barclays being a place where opportunity is afforded on an equitable basis, where colleagues feel they belong and are valued for their unique experiences, perspectives, and contributions. We know there is still much more to do, and we will continue to hold ourselves accountable, using insight and data to guide our efforts and monitor our progress."

- Ray Dempsey, Group Chief Compliance Officer and Executive Sponsor of the LGBT agenda.

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