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Read how Demi has built on the vital skills needed as a Corporate Banker, and joined our Multicultural network to champion equality

I knew early on that the Barclays Graduate Programme was the perfect fit for me. Because it’s rotational, I can explore different roles or business areas and build up my skills. Plus, the bank has an expansive global footprint and a collaborative culture – giving me the chance to get involved in interesting projects and work with colleagues and clients around the world.

From day one I’ve received a lot of guidance, especially when it comes to career planning. There are so many opportunities and resources to learn new things; I’ve recently completed a series of modules and tests on credit risk management, which is a vital skill for any corporate banker. You can also attend seminars and presentations from industry leaders or university professors, discussing important topics such as the environment, diversity and mental health.

There are so many opportunities and resources to learn new things.

The culture here is one of inclusivity and collaboration. Everyone you see and meet is down to earth, and always willing to go above and beyond for you. This level of support is reflected in our employee networks too - they make sure that people from all walks of life feel welcome at the bank. I’m the secretariat for the Corporate Bank Embrace Multicultural Network, championing equality within the bank for people from all backgrounds, faiths and geographies.

To wrap up, I get to work at one of the most important financial institutions in the country, surrounded by colleagues who all want me to succeed. Who are committed to serving and meeting the needs of individuals and businesses across the globe.