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Evolve is our midlife progression ERG that supports all colleagues' evolving life-stages and career progression.

Evolve aims to raise awareness of the importance of age in the workforce and ensure that Barclays is an age inclusive environment by providing career and life-stage support to all colleagues.

Our Strategy

As part of the new global Employee Resource Group strategy, the key focus for our ERG is to champion the benefits of diversity at Barclays, whilst sharing the lived experiences and nuances of our diverse colleagues at Barclays. As we sharpen the focus on Diversity at Barclays, the ERG strategy will focus on four main pillars (Attract, Retain, Develop and Engage).


Internal and external engagement – Providing greater support to the Barclays D&I recruitment to identify and engage a diverse pool of candidates.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:

  • Develop relationship with Talent Acquisition to drive external campaigns to attract 'midlifers' to the workplace
  • Engage with Evolve Champions to expand membership and engagement
  • Arrange events with specific business areas in order to attract a more age diverse workforce


Building a great & diverse place to work​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:

  • Develop active engagement with colleagues from all backgrounds
  • Engage with Inspire to understand any impact of socio-economic background on retention
  • Ensure more colleagues are aware of resources offered by the Bank to provide support
  • Continue to provide support on areas that are important to our members e.g. finances/pensions, wellbeing, career development
  • Promote age inclusivity across the business


Developing colleagues with multiple dimensions of difference – Foster a diverse and inclusive environment to ensure members reach their career goals while contributing to Barclays’ D&I objectives via three components:

  • Provide opportunities for career development over and above promotion/changing roles
  • Support with upskilling for members
  • Promote and signpost relevant resource to support career development


Connect with business leads to explore collaboration opportunities:

  • Engage with Evolve India & Evolve US to collaborate
  • Collaborate with other ERGs
  • Engage with external partners
  • Raise awareness of age inclusivity as an intersectional aspect across all ERGs, D&I agendas, Grade & Business Area.
  • Amplify the voice of the Evolve cohort across the group