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Meet Joe

Joe studied English Literature as his undergraduate degree, then Psychology as his masters. Having never previously considered a career in financial services, his journey to Barclays was an unusual one.

For Joe, what changed his mind was seeing the variety and depth of different opportunities on the careers site - where banking roles were mixed with non-traditional finance jobs such as marketing. Joe saw it as a real chance to broaden his skillset, focus on professional development and rotate into different areas of the business.

You get so much choice on where to develop your skillset, and I think that's a really great opportunity for people who have just left university. Because you get a range of experiences, you can make an informed decision on your career pathway.

Joining Barclays as a graduate

In my interview with senior leaders, they revealed that they themselves had been on the graduate scheme, and they spoke about the positive culture of Barclays as well as the chances for progression - which were brilliant on the graduate scheme. I think from there I knew this was the right graduate scheme for me.

From day one, as a graduate, you have autonomy, with the chance to really make a difference in the teams you're in - all while being supported to be your best. For anyone seeking a career at Barclays. I'd say take the opportunity.

If you join, you'll have access to a support network of colleagues from senior leadership, fellow graduates and colleagues across the bank who can share that knowledge and help you with your career goals.

Stay curious to grow your career

If you're curious, this is the best place to learn and grow your career. I think for anyone who's nervous or unsure about moving into financial services, if you don't have a background in it, I'd say not to worry.

In your induction, Barclays give you financial markets training and so much support to ensure that you're ready for the transition.

Why you should change careers.

I'd say that Barclays welcomes diversity in all forms.

No matter what your degree subject, I think as long as you have the right attitude and willingness to learn and drive, then you should definitely consider a career change at Barclays.

I remember a few days after my final stage of the application process, I was given a call while I was at work to tell me I had an offer to work for Barclays. I knew immediately that I wanted to accept because of the handling of the whole process.