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a photo of Jodie

Jodie, Operations Apprentice

As an Operations Apprentice at Barclays, Jodie is supported to make a difference in the business and pursue her degree. Barclays Apprenticeships allow you get the opportunity to earn while you learn, gaining a degree in Data Science with with a top university at the same time in a permanent job. As an Apprentice in Operations, your data-driven observations could completely transform the way we work, what we offer and the technology we use. Working in Operations gives you the opportunity to be at the very centre of the business, with day-to-day exposure of many different areas of the bank.

After starting her career journey with a confirmed university place, Jodie felt the Barclays apprenticeship was an irresistible opportunity. Jodie never looked back and she studied for a university degree, whilst playing a key role in her teams during her apprenticeship scheme.

Whilst studying for my A levels in sixth form, COVID-19 struck. Although I had a confirmed university place, I found I felt differently about the career I wanted to follow. After sixth form ended, I began researching the different career options available to me. The Barclays apprenticeship schemes are widely recommended, and I found the Higher apprenticeship scheme very appealing. Gaining a degree whilst working for a world-renowned company was an irresistible opportunity so I took the leap and applied. I was delighted to be successful and was offered a place in the Operations team.

Playing a key role from day one

The environment is fast paced, and each day brings new challenges

Operations covers a broad range of areas. It is unique – with no two roles the same. Once on board, I began my role within Global Fraud Operations. I was placed straight into a detailed training course led by several colleagues who supported and upskilled me to be capable of more than I imagined.

My line manager and talent coach were both supportive and encouraging during the onboarding process, with no question too difficult and they ensured I settled quickly into my new environment. My transition into the team was very smooth and I was exposed to lots of learning opportunities to thrive in the team. I began working in Mules Investigations. The work entailed investigating reported scam and fraud claims from third-party banks.

My next role was in Mules Preventions. This is an investigative role using a payment-monitoring system for suspicious activity. I am proud that my role is crucial in preventing and investigating fraud. Preventing fraud makes a positive difference and I'm inspired to support customer wellbeing. The environment is fast paced, and each day brings new challenges and something new to experience. To thrive here, you need to embrace an exciting environment that challenges you to be your best.

Empowered to learn and develop

Looking back, I am amazed at the amount I have learned over the past year

Whilst learning and growing in my role, Barclays have supported me to study for my degree - BSc Data Science. I am given time each week out of my daily role to facilitate this and have study blocks on the university campus. I attend lectures, complete assignments, and have deadlines just like any other student. Also, Barclays invest heavily into their employees through continuous training opportunities. From this, I am proud to have been offered an additional qualification in Anti-Money Laundering.

I have now been in the role for a year. This scheme has helped me to form true friendships and I feel very much part of the large friendly team. The beginning of my career journey has left me feeling valued, respected, and encouraged.

Looking back, I am amazed at the amount I have learned over the past year, I am proud to work for Barclays and to see how my future can develop.

a photo of Jodie

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