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Micaela, Risk Analyst

Micaela's experience as a Barclays Intern helped her realise her interest in Risk

My internship was a great way to learn about the various functions at the bank and connect with different people across the organisation. I realised quite early on into my internship that I was interested in Risk, and meeting welcoming people from the function with really interesting roles convinced me I wanted to join Barclays full-time.

I would say that what I like best is that I’m working in an area of the bank that’s extremely responsive to what’s happening both inside and outside of the bank. My day-to-day responsibilities include horizon scanning – identifying risks that could impact our portfolios and assessing future risks, as well as maintaining links with multiple stakeholders, reviewing our Mandate & Scale limits, and various other ad-hoc projects.

Knowing I work for an organisation that supports my development goals is extremely reassuring.

One of the most interesting of those projects has definitely been helping develop gender equality initiatives for my team. It was important both for me and the bank: Barclays is deeply committed to equal opportunity in the workplace. It felt rewarding to work on something that would have a positive impact for the organisation and for my colleagues.

I would describe Barclays’ culture as supportive. As someone who recently joined the bank, there have been times when I have wanted additional support; for example, when trying to pick my next graduate rotation. I’ve found that no matter the issue, my colleagues are always happy to help.

Mobility and career options are the things I value the most at Barclays. Knowing I work for an organisation that supports my development goals is extremely reassuring. Working in such a large organisation also means I have continuous opportunities to expand my network across the bank, opening up all kinds of career options.