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Working Families Resource Group

The Working Families Resource Group is for working parents and carers, focused on making Barclays the employer of choice for working families by providing a supportive network for Barclays colleagues who are parents, parents-to-be or carers, and to help with the challenges of balancing family, life and work. We run regular speaker events, webinars and seminars for colleagues, as well as provide useful information on working family-related topics.

Families are important to Barclays; by being a member you can help to give valuable insight to the business so that we continually improve the support we provide to our customers and colleagues with their family related issues. Colleagues who join will find a range of information on managing work-life integration; how others are mastering their personal-professional juggling act; and share your triumphs and challenges with those who'll understand.

Our Strategy

As part of the new global Employee Resource Group strategy, the key focus for our ERG is to champion the benefits of diversity at Barclays, whilst sharing the lived experiences and nuances of our diverse colleagues at Barclays. As we sharpen the focus on Diversity at Barclays, the ERG strategy will focus on four main pillars (Attract, Retain, Develop and Engage).


Evolve is the midlife progression ERG, we support all colleagues' evolving life-stages and career progression. We aim to raise awareness of the importance of age in the workforce and ensure that Barclays is an age inclusive environment by providing career and life-stage support to all colleagues.