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Discover our world class Whippany Campus

At Barclays, we are proud to be redefining the future of finance, and here at Whippany we are redefining the future of the workplace, and the future of the way we work and live. This is a unique community, one of four strategic tech-enabled hubs that will make us a global leader. Whatever you do at Whippany, you’ll have every chance to build a world-class career in a world-class environment.

A world of opportunity

Barclays Whippany is growing ten-fold, and this creates a world of opportunity for everyone here. We are bringing thousands of people together to create the largest campus footprint in the US. This is a place where career mobility is very much on the agenda, a community where people can network and collaborate as never before. We’re providing world-class learning and development in an environment where we can all learn from each other, grow together and achieve more than we can even imagine.

An environment for success

We have created an approach to work that is new, exciting and flexible. It encourages collaboration and learning, and allows for synergy, serendipity and innovation. This is our first purpose-built campus: a bespoke, industry-leading, technology-led workplace designed to bring out the very best in our people. Our desk Neighborhoods break up the open floor plan by providing a mix of open and enclosed settings in close proximity. You can choose from individual, collaborative, and support spaces – whatever best suits you, your colleagues and the task in hand. And everyone who works here enjoys the very best technology to enable them to work, and network, at the highest level.

Work in balance. Life in balance.

We believe that people do their best work when their lives are at their very best. That’s why we cultivate a culture of positive health and wellbeing, so everyone can achieve the right balance of performance and quality of life. Whippany is 63-acres and over 500 thousand plus square feet of brand new office, amenity and leisure facilities: a ground-breaking and green place to work. There are excellent places to eat and drink, and places where you can wind down, work out or take care of life’s routine essentials. All this, and a campus full of trees, open spaces and fresh air – Whippany redefines the way we live and work.

Barclays Whippany Image

We are better together

Whippany is a true community where we care about each other. We celebrate diversity and inclusion, just as we share our Barclays values. We build networks and socialize together as much as we work together. What’s more, we actively promote citizenship, recognising our place in the local community and using our skills to improve the lives of the people who surround us. Our leaders are here amongst us, visible, accessible and inspirational, championing our culture and empowering us to achieve. We’re redefining the way people work together.