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Wilmington, Delaware

Dallas Cowboys fan and aspiring home brewer.

It takes a lot to get a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan to move 1200 miles to Wilmington, Delaware. It takes even more to even consider moving to a job in a bank that’s still relatively small in the US – and to bring my family with me. It took Barclays to persuade me to make this significant move.

I was attracted to Barclays because although it’s quite a young player in the US, there’s tremendous opportunity here. We’ve grown quickly to become one of the top ten card issuers in the US and we have $30 billion in assets. We have global scale, and massive financial support, but we’re still small enough for people to be exposed to a broader range of risk initiatives than you might find in other banks.

What’s more, prudent risk management is embedded in the business, and we’re involved in every process at an early stage – we’re highly valued. I make a point of encouraging my team to be risk leaders, engaged and participating with their counterparts across the business at every opportunity. We’re influential in a way that would not have been possible five years ago, and we’re leading change from the front. This is a new age of risk management, and it’s hugely exciting to be part of it.

On top of all that, we’re working hard to break down silos and build a real team culture here. We’re a close team, and we happily socialise together throughout the year. We take time to know each other personally and this fosters camaraderie and trust, making connections beyond our professional relationships. I keep pictures of my family in my office, and I’m thrilled when people ask how my twin daughters are. I haven’t connected with any other Dallas Cowboys fans up here yet, but nothing’s perfect!

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