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Personalised mentoring to help you succeed in this data-driven business area

A hands-on, full-time role in our team

Line managers and talent coaches carefully selected to suit your needs as an individual

UK requirements: 16 years of age; five GCSEs at A*-C (9-5) including Maths and English (or equivalent)

US requirements: 18 years of age; high school diploma (or equivalent)

About the role

A business of our scale needs complex global systems. We’re constantly processing trades and transactions; providing products to our customers and clients; maintaining accounts, and much more. To keep things running smoothly, we analyse our data thoroughly – and use it to improve customer experience, offer new products, and even develop new tech.

As a Foundation Apprentice, you'll take on a role in one of our business areas and work towards professional qualifications. We put thought and investment into every apprentice’s development here.

What to expect

The structure of your apprenticeship will depend on your location and what’s available there, but wherever you are, our Operations opportunities guarantee two things. The first is hands-on experience of the ways Operations guides and drives our bank. The second is committed investment in your development, with mentors, coaches and line managers all there to guide your individual path.

Who thrives here

For roles in Operations, you need

  • UK roles: five GCSEs at A*-C (9-5) including Maths and English (or equivalent)
  • US roles: high school diploma or equivalent

You’ll also need dedication. Our Foundation Apprenticeship creates opportunities for all sorts of people to thrive. Even if something’s held you back until now, we’ll help you excel, with our investment.

In return, we look for apprentices who’ll be committed to us too: willing to learn and driven to work hard. You’ll be ready to put in the work it takes to reach your potential, and we’ll be there to help you discover your path.

What to expect

Our Technology Apprenticeships are all about innovation – in the way you learn; the projects you help deliver; our model for tailored individual mentoring. Whatever your experience, whatever your age, it’s the chance to gain highly sought-after technical skills – and to do it within a household-name business. If you ever thought Technology was closed to you, we’ll help you think differently.

Who thrives here

For roles in Technology, you need:

  • UK roles: five GCSEs at A*-C (9-5) including Maths and English (or equivalent)
  • US roles: high school diploma or equivalent

You’ll also need dedication. Technology roles are wide-ranging – Developers to Analysts to User Experience Designers – so you don’t have to become a coder to thrive here. What you do need though is the will to learn and the commitment to see your programme through. And of course, you’ll need a keen interest in helping us create the future of our bank. Ready to think differently about what’s possible in the tech world? Bring your ideas here.

What to expect

Our Customer Service Foundation Apprenticeship is a 24-month programme that’s all about building a firm foundation for the career you want, with support to achieve what you’re capable of. An opportunity for real-world experience with a recognised qualification. Whatever your experience, whatever your age. If you never imagined you could find success in a world-class bank, or you never thought apprenticeships could be the start of something big, it’s time to think differently.

Who thrives here

  • You’re inquisitive, conscientious and raring to go. To us, it all comes down to your attitude, commitment and will to succeed. Think of it this way: whether the apprenticeship is your first job out of school or your last before you retire, you're welcome here.
  • You enjoy helping people and thrive off great customer service. You have great communication skills and enjoy working as part of a team.
  • You’ll need to have a minimum of 5 GCSE’s.

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