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Gain a unique insight into the inner workings of a global financial institution

Use data to transform how we do things and the way the market work

Operations Summer Analyst

About the role

This is your opportunity to get a real feel for how we do things at Barclays. Our Operations teams are a hive of activity and opportunity, and you’ll be involved in a wide range of challenging and fascinating projects. There’s no better introduction to the importance of data-driven decision making in a global financial organisation.

What to expect

You’ll take on responsibility from day one with in-depth training to kick-start your learning, a line manager to guide and challenge you, and a buddy and mentor to support you as you build your knowledge and skills. You’ll learn due diligence processes to onboard customers and clients, delve into regulatory procedures and monitor trade and transaction flows. You could be involved in improving our range of complex services and processing activities. All of which will give you a deep understanding of the essential operations behind a successful bank.

Millions of people, businesses and corporations across the globe rely on Barclays. From helping people buy their first homes to enabling companies to grow; from the day-to-day personal finances that make life possible to the massive investments that help whole economies thrive, Barclays is there. Every minute of every day. And none of this can happen without the smooth-running, ever improving systems behind the scenes. Payments need to be processed. Credit card systems need to be maintained. Trades, equity transactions, debt financing — all of these must be verified and swiftly processed.

This essential work is down to our five Operations teams, each of which can provide you with unique insights and experiences as you begin to explore the possibilities of a career with Barclays.

  • Investment Operations

    Investment Operations provides fast, reliable and secure financial services to a large client base across Barclays' Private Bank and Wealth divisions. Investment Operations’ wide-spanning coverage of Barclays’ operational structure provides a wealth of experience and knowledge: you can expect a varied and interesting role that will provide you with a great springboard for the rest of your career.

  • Client Reporting

    Client Reporting focuses on providing clients with timely, accurate and consolidated reports on how their assets are performing. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to develop your knowledge of financial reporting standards, as well as learning how we provide clients with a high-quality service that meets their expectations.

  • Client and Account Opening

    Client and Account Opening focuses on opening and maintaining different types of accounts for clients in the Private Bank and Wealth Management divisions. This is an interesting area to work in as you’ll learn about different clients and their specific needs whilst also developing an understanding of manual processing and automation projects.

  • CASS Ops Risk and Control

    CASS Operations Risk and Control aims to increase risk awareness across the bank by promoting best practices and educating colleagues on how to assess, control and mitigate risk. You’ll get involved in a wide range of activities with various departments, including examining the risks associated with change projects and investigating breaches. You’ll build your knowledge fast and start to expand your network at Barclays.

  • Lending Operations

    Lending Operations helps the bank to centralise, standardise and enhance its daily lending processes. Here, you’ll learn the start to end processes and become a subject matter expert in each stage of the lending process. You’ll expand your knowledge of the operations function and develop your transferable skills through exposure to processing tasks, project work and the other teams within the department.

How you’ll develop

You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve in one summer. From beginning to end, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you get the very most from your internship.

We’ll surround you with challenging projects and opportunities to grow and learn. We’ll keep you motivated with encouragement, feedback and support as you build your leadership skills, technical know-how and business acumen. We’ll help you connect with mentors, and network with colleagues and senior leaders alike. You’ll get the chance to give back to the community through volunteer events. And if you really impress us, this could be the beginning of an incredible career. We invite top-performing interns to join us as full-time analysts after graduation.

Who thrives here

We welcome people of any educational background, but to make the most of this opportunity, you’ll be curious and creative, agile and adaptable. You’ll be great at communicating and collaborating – motivated by pace and pressure and driven to achieve. You’ll also be ready to develop a deep understanding of what we do, why we do it, and how your role impacts on our business outcomes. These are qualities that people at Barclays have in abundance, and we’ll help you develop and strengthen them from the day you arrive.

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