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From a life-changing decision at the age of 15, to developing solutions that change people’s lives by the time he was 21, Jamie’s journey has been full of incredible achievements.

Jamie started his Barclays Apprenticeship in 2013. Already showing great technical talent at just 15 years old, he wanted to put his skills straight to work.

I’d just left high school, where I didn’t feel challenged. When I saw the information about the Apprenticeship, I knew I wanted to be a software developer – in fact, I’d started teaching myself to do it at the age of 10.

When Jamie joined Barclays he was interested in IOS development and banking apps, so we put him straight into that role, where he excelled. After he finished his first qualification, we persuaded him to enroll on a degree course with Manchester Metropolitan University – while continuing his career progression at the same time.

They chose me for a place on the software engineering team, where I progressed to the role of Lead Engineer. I’d come from knowing nothing to being one of the people driving the technology behind the banking app.

One of Jamie’s major achievements as part of the mobile banking team was developing Siri payments for the banking app. He was the only developer on the project, and had free rein to take it through to implementation.

Barclays was the first high street bank to introduce Siri payment – it was on all the tech news sites.

Jamie’s achievements didn’t stop there. Last year, he made the move into Ventures, where he’s investigating brand new lines of business for Barclays. He’s focusing on Amazon Web Services (AWS), an evolving Cloud computing platform, in which he’s already recognised as a subject matter expert. And he’s delighted to have been recognised by the industry too.

I’ve won some awards – one for the Siri feature – and I was awarded the title of Digital Hero of the Year within Barclays. These have been some real highlights of my career.

Despite his initial reluctance to take academic qualifications, Jamie has excelled there too – he graduated with first class honours by ensuring he ring-fenced the study time.

After nearly 9 years at Barclays, Jamie has been promoted a number of times and is now Lead Cloud Developer, Vice President.