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Meet Joe, a Digital Project Manager, who joined Barclays after a successful career in the Army

Read on to learn about his journey, and how Barclays supports people from the armed forces communities to launch a career in financial services.

Having joined the Army, playing piano and clarinet as an Associate of Trinity College, London, Joe’s career swiftly took off: after seven months as a convoy commander in Afghanistan, he did a fast promotion officer’s course – going from managing six people to 35 in just one year. Following a degree apprenticeship to develop his project management skills, Joe’s musical background came into its own when he started to produce large outdoor concerts. From there, he went on to become Lead Diversity and Inclusion Adviser and Lead Recruiter for Army music in central London.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Joe realised he still had more to give, and felt it was time to leave the Army in search of something new. In his words, “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I thought I might go into marketing, but then someone told me I should consider a career in financial services. They said there were numerous roles available that would align with the many skills I’d learned in the Army.”

Making the move to Barclays with the Military Talent Scheme

Joe successfully applied to the Barclays Military Talent Scheme – a 12-week work placement at Barclays – and quickly recognised how the values here matched his own. Having been placed into a digital project management role, he found a friendly community and discovered that his Army management experience would open up many opportunities for him.

“During the scheme, I had calls with someone every week to check in on how I was finding things. I was supported to apply for a range of roles before I was approached with the idea of becoming a Digital Project Manager, which is the role I’m now enjoying. I’m using skills I’d developed in the Army, and the transition into the permanent role was seamless.

Barclays has a certain way of delivering projects, and it was a learning journey from day one. But you’re supported and developed to do the job. I’ve needed to learn a huge amount about my subjects so I can lead meetings with credibility, but stakeholders are very understanding if you don’t know something. They’ll go out of their way to help you.”

Leveraging invaluable skills and planning for the future

It’s clear to Joe how life in the Army is great preparation for life at Barclays. The military style of communication – clear, honest and plain – is respected here, and his experience in reading and understanding people has been invaluable. The military has given him the confidence to engage, and he believes there’s every reason why others should consider joining Barclays when they leave the military.

As Joe says, “There are places for you in Barclays, no matter what educational background or life experiences you have. You’re applying based on the skills you have to offer, and financial services is not just about numbers – there are so many different roles here. After 13 years in the military I’m open and curious about what happens next. And I know that at Barclays I’ll be supported and encouraged to go wherever I want.”

Opportunities for you to get involved

From confident leadership to being a natural problem-solver, there are plenty of transferrable skills that people from the armed forces communities bring to Barclays. That’s why we’re keen to make sure military personnel understand that there’s a home for their strengths here.

The Barclays Military Talent Day is a chance for UK or US Service personnel, veterans and military spouses to get an insight into financial services careers. It’ll give you an overview of who we are and what we do, as well as the many different opportunities across our business.

At this virtual event, you’ll hear from senior business leaders, colleagues and members of the Barclays Military Network – people who’ll share their own experiences of making the move from the military to civilian life, and how invaluable their skills are here.