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Meet Alexi

Nowadays, Alexi is a capital introductions analyst at Barclays, but just a few years ago she was a college junior who didn’t know what career path to take. It was only when she decided to follow her passions, that she began paving the way to a career she loved.

Two summers ago I had my Barclays internship and the rest is history.

As a student at Duke University, Alexi wasn’t interested in just one subject – she was fascinated by the intersection between psychology and economics, from behavioural economics to consumer psychology. She wasn’t sure what job roles matched her interests until fellow Duke alumni who had gone onto work at Barclays encouraged her to join too. She took the plunge and accepted an internship offer to see what it was like from the inside.

A culture of belonging.

When Alexi joined Barclays, she discovered a culture that shared her values; rather than impersonal procedures, her colleagues prioritised personal interactions, only utilising technology to enhance human connections and develop bespoke solutions. Whether it was a simple phone call, a lunchtime discussion, or office meeting with managers and investors, there was an emphasis on face-to-face interactions (a personability that can be lost through email). This client-centric approach made Alexi’s work more rewarding, affirming her decision to continue working at Barclays beyond her internship.

I'm only eight months in. I feel like I have had a material impact.

Having been promoted to a capital introductions analyst, Alexi not only joined face-to-face meetings, but seized hands-on challenges. Working both independently and collaboratively, she was empowered to create real value for our prime clients and solve problems at scale.

Navigating the next step.  

As Alexi’s confidence grew, so did her goals. But as a young woman in finance, she was keen to find mentors to help her navigate the next stage of her career journey. It was then that she discovered Barclays’ Women’s Network (WIN) and began connecting with other females in the finance world, both internally and externally, locally and internationally. From casual networking, to CEO Speaker events with distinguished financial leaders like Julie Sweet and Meghan Graber, Alexi was inspired by the unwavering candour surrounding topics on how to maintain work-life balance and what it means to be a woman in a high-powered role. It was through one of the CEO Speaker events that Alexi adopted Julie’s favourite quote: “if your dreams don't scare you, then they're not big enough.

I love that every day when I get out of the subway, I see the huge Barclays sign and you feel that pride for working for Barclays.

Alexi is dreaming bigger than ever, deciding to not only attend WIN events, but to join its committee and take on a leadership role. Now she can take pride in knowing she’s making an impact on the generations of women to come in the world of finance.