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Meet Becky

Barclays welcomed me with open arms.

Meet Becky. Like many graduates, she was anxious about entering the world of work. What was the right role for her? Where would she get support? How could she make the most of training? Why should she pick one bank over another? Now working as a Foreign Exchange Sales Analyst within markets, she’s an integral part of the team, developing bespoke solutions and delivering real value to top-tier clients. Most importantly, her confidence is soaring.

Discovering a culture of learning.

Having graduated from college, Becky accepted an internship with us. Initially, she was nervous; she was unfamiliar with corporate environments, and unsure about choosing her specialism. Fortunately, with the rotational structure of training, she was able to explore her options, shadowing a diverse range of salespeople and traders.

Through this experience, Becky discovered a culture of continuous learning, and was encouraged to ask questions, big and small. Initially, this was daunting, but she quickly learnt that asking questions wasn’t a weakness; it signified curiosity and passion; humility and awareness; ambition and motivation to improve. For this reason, she began feeling confident in seeking guidance from her colleagues, and was able to learn first-hand, in real-time, how markets work and how to communicate effectively with clients. Questions truly were rocket-fuel for accelerating Becky’s progress.

From day one, I was able to take on an immense amount of responsibility.

As Becky settled into the team, it became increasingly clear that Barclays works differently; whether you’re a graduate or senior analyst, every voice matters, and every person has the opportunity to make an impact. That’s why Becky was not only encouraged to keep learning, but to keep challenging herself to take on responsibilities. This could have been nerve-wracking, but Becky’s teammates boosted her confidence, reassuring her that they trusted her judgement and also had the utmost faith in her ability to deliver results.

I feel incredibly supported as a woman.

While Becky’s immediate teammates offered her continuous support, so did the wider community. One of the greatest support systems available to her was the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN). From providing opportunities to connect with like-minded talent and leaders, to facilitating a safe space to discuss important issues, WIN is a community of female leaders and allies dedicated to empowering the next generation of women like Becky.

There’s always time to keep on learning.

Nowadays, Becky is thriving as a Foreign Exchange Sales Analyst within markets, trading foreign exchange, hedging exposures, covering corporate clients, and so much more. With the help of her teammates, she’s not only expanded her skill-set, but her horizons. She says you can too – all you have to do is have the commitment and perseverance to keep learning, and make the most of Barclays’ resources and support.