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Meet Customer Care Colleague, Ifeoluwa

Ifeoluwa only joined eight months ago, but she’s already looking forward to a bright future with us. Read her blog to discover the seamless application, interview and onboarding process at Barclays, and learn about the encouragement and support she’s had since day one.

Thrive by being yourself with incredible support from Barclays

As a Customer Care Colleague, my job is to help customers with all their banking needs. I listen to their queries, understand what they need from us, and solve their problems – I absolutely love it. Helping people gives me so much joy. And since I joined, I’ve received so much support and acceptance, especially when it’s come to adjustments I’ve needed for my disability. The training process, along with the supportive culture, has given me a springboard to step on and fly. And I’m already planning my future career here.

A seamless application process

I worked for a bank in my home country, Nigeria, where I learnt that Barclays was a well-respected bank globally. So after moving to the UK and finishing my studies, working for Barclays felt like the natural choice. And the process, from application to joining, was absolutely seamless. After answering some scenario-based questions online and speaking with the recruitment team over the phone, I was invited to an interview.

Of course, I was nervous, but the interviewers put me completely at ease. They were warm and friendly, and the questions were clear and easy to understand. I felt so at home with the interviewer that all my nerves disappeared. I felt comfortable to ask any questions I had, and was able to answer everything they asked.

It was when they offered me the job that I realised Barclays was a special employer. I was so excited to get the call, but it was the excitement on the other end of the phone that I noticed. They were as happy to give me the news as I was happy to receive it.

It felt amazing, like they couldn’t wait for me to get started. The feeling was definitely mutual.

Training and support that’s tailored to you

On my first day, my manager took me around to meet my colleagues and I instantly felt comfortable. Everyone was so friendly. And when it came to the training, it was so comprehensive and tailored to you as an individual. We went through everything from the Barclays values to how to deal with customers. It was really interactive, and it set me up with everything I needed. So when I eventually started speaking to customers, I felt prepared, but also knew that if I faced anything I wasn’t sure about, the support was there.

And that support was most valuable to me a few months into my role when I decided to disclose my disability to my area manager. She approached me about progression and growing my career, which I wanted, but I was worried that my diagnosis of profound hearing loss would hold me back. Her reaction was just incredible. She made me feel loved and valued and reassured me that it would never stop me from anything I wanted to do at Barclays.

She then helped me get some workplace adjustments to make things more accessible in my day-to-day. I’d been struggling particularly with customer calls because I lip read, and Barclays provided me with equipment which means I can now hear so much better on the phone. And my colleagues in the banking hall have been so supportive too – they always keep an eye out for anyone wearing a mask, since speaking with them is tricky for me. It’s great to know I can always rely on them if I need to.

A place that values you for who you are

Barclays has made me feel like I matter more, not less, because of what makes me who I am.

I was afraid to speak about my disability at first, but now it feels like a huge weight has been lifted, and the support I’ve had at Barclays has given me the strength to believe in myself. It’s made me realise that, because I don’t hear well, I have other strengths that make me good at my job. I thought my disability would be a barrier, but the encouragement I’ve had from Barclays has made me see that’s not the case. I’m valued for who I am, and all that I bring to the table. And now, I’m using all the tools available to me to work towards my next role.

Honestly there are so many reasons to join Barclays. I originally applied because it’s such a respected organisation, but that’s far from the only reason people should consider it. You can feel the warmth of the culture even from the application process, and the training is incredible. It’s been an amazing experience that I’d recommend to anyone.

Ifeoluwa, Customer Care Colleague

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