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Read about Yosuke's experience and what he enjoys about working in our Investment Bank in Tokyo

日本語翻訳 (Japanese Translation)

At Graduate school in Tokyo, I majored in Organisation Theory. I was keen to put what I had learnt to use in a Banking environment. And I wanted to work somewhere that offered responsibility from day-one, while also putting a great value on team work.

Gaining a high level of individual responsibility was important to me so I could quickly build my skills. But I also wanted to experience the teamwork and collaboration that leads to bigger achievements.

As I explored the cultures and offerings from different Banks, Barclays really stood out as the place that could provide everything I was looking for. This was somewhere that I could grow and develop swiftly.

Barclays provides you with many opportunities for growth and collaboration.

In my first year, I was assigned to a global auction project, in which we acted as a sole financial advisor for the seller company, a Japanese conglomerate. It was very exciting and challenging to work as a member of Barclays global project team, which consists of Tokyo, Hong Kong, the U.S. and London. The client really trusted us with this complicated structure deal and have since returned to us for further expertise, which feels great.

Globally, the culture is collaborative. We often reach out to other junior bankers around the world for help, and this is always met with a prompt and kind response. I would recommend Barclays as somewhere you can rapidly grow and gain trust and responsibility.