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Chief Controls Office Careers

A truly united global team

Barclays CCO (Chief Controls Office) is integral to Barclays: a dynamic, forward thinking, unique global team. We are united by a shared vision, absolute consistency of approach and process, and a laser focus on results. We’ve transformed Controls at Barclays into a single centralised, connected, collaborative team of 900 people working the same way across the UK, New York, Asia and India.

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Our shared vision

CCO is united in a single, shared vision: to sustain and strengthen our control foundations by providing a first-class controls service. We exist to make Barclays a safer, stronger, more effective, more efficient and more trusted bank for our customers, clients and colleagues. As the bank transforms and grows, we are there on that journey, making sure this vital growth can happen safely and securely.

Part of our job is to be an integral part of Barclays, making sure we stay within control. To meet our strategy, our business needs and our regulatory requirements, as well as our customers’ needs.

Scott Stewart, Head of Controls Governance, Transformation & Framework

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A career full of possibilities

Join Barclays CCO, and you’ll become part of a close, collaborative, global team with a highly influential and respected presence across the bank. You’ll experience a model of working that’s unique in the industry: a centralised approach that means we all work in a consistent way, wherever we are. This provides reassurance to Barclays and our customers and clients, as well as to our regulators. It means we can take the same skills and techniques to any of our global locations and be ready to get to work.

Enjoy the challenge of change

Barclays is experiencing the most significant transformation in our history. We are rising to the challenge of changing customer needs, the digital revolution and the ever-changing global landscape we operate in. And CCO is transforming at the same pace to meet a constantly changing regulatory environment. We can see the future, we’re excited by it, and we’re working to help the bank embrace it faster. This makes CCO an inspiring, fast-paced place to work, where every day presents new challenges to be solved.

We have the data engines to provide all info any risk manager would want, cut, sliced, diced in any way you can think of at the touch of a button. We take that data, interpret it and work with the business to identify what future control issues and risks might be, in likelihood and probability.

Malcolm Brooke, Group Chief Controls Officer

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What do we look for in our people?

CCO is a diverse community, but we all share certain qualities that make us the close, effective team we are. We all passionately demonstrate the Barclays mindset: empower, challenge and drive. We value sharpness of thinking, openness, simplicity and integrity and we know that we can only be fully trusted if we are unafraid to challenge and ask questions. Our credibility is built on our ability to communicate well and network to the highest level: this is why we are given a seat at the table where the important decisions are made. Everyone on the team is adept at interpreting data so we can identify future control issues.

Why join Barclays CCO?

Barclays CCO is for people who want to make a real impact. Everything we do here makes a significant difference to the bank; every action contributes to the wider Barclays purpose. We are helping the bank move more quickly towards the future we all aspire to. This is an opportunity to be part of the controls function of the future right now; you can join a globally critical team, based in a state-of-the-art workplace at one of Barclays strategically important locations. Here, you’ll have every chance to show us who you are and what you can do – we guarantee that your work will be noticed and you’ll be respected and rewarded for your contribution.

We are one team, supporting each other and living the values. Every one of us is respected for the contribution we make to the team.

Linda Hall, Chief Control Officer, BX