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Malcolm, Group Chief Controls Officer

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Building a safer, stronger and more trusted bank

Malcolm is Group Chief Controls Officer at Barclays. He’s responsible for leading the controls agenda in the first line of defence across the bank for operational, reputational and conduct risks. A global controls community supports him in making Barclays a safer, stronger and a more trusted bank.

What does CCO do at Barclays?

Barclays CCO protects Barclays and our customers and clients by creating and maintaining an effective controls framework. Our strategy to strengthen and sustain our controls is core to ensuring the firm is well protected. We sustain the bank, we strengthen it, and we enable it to grow safely.

What makes Barclays CCO such an interesting career choice?

We have a great deal to offer talented people who might be working in risk, but who might not have thought about bringing their skills to controls.

One of our most interesting aspects is that we have a centralised model. In other organisations, the controls teams are often embedded in different areas of the business, which can create inconsistency. We’ve transformed Controls at Barclays into a single connected, collaborative team of 900 people working to the same framework across strategic locations in the UK, New York, Asia and India.

Why is this so attractive to candidates?

Our centralised model removes bureaucracy from the process. So, we will appeal to people who want to do what they are good at, undistracted by the complexities of multiple frameworks. What’s more, our use of a single consistent framework means we can deal with any issues or concerns more quickly and efficiently.

CCO is where people of all backgrounds can come and do their best work.

What qualities will help people to thrive in Barclays CCO?

We are a trusted partner to the bank, operating at the highest level. We need to be good communicators who can navigate around the organisation and deliver information effectively at all levels. Because we’re trusted, with vast data engines to support our advice, we are not afriad to challenge the business. So, we’re looking for forward-looking, data-driven risk managers who can communicate, network and challenge.

What importance do you place on creating an inclusive culture within CCO?

CCO is where people of all backgrounds can come and do their best work. We’re focused on Diversity and Inclusion and approaching a 50/50 male-female ratio in our team, which is excellent. The bank has a really active Black and ethnically diverse community, and I’m passionate about increasing their numbers in our team, especially in our locations where there is a rich diversity of communities. Because we have teams in many major UK cities we can offer opportunities to talented people outside of London, which many of our competitors cannot.

What’s the most important thing you’d like to say to someone considering a career with Barclays CCO?

We’re focusing on creating a strong, sustainable future for the bank: if you want to be proactive and forward looking, join us.