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Grace Hopper Celebration 2023

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Celebrate diversity at Grace Hopper 2023: we are proud to be a long time sponsor of Grace Hopper Celebration, uniting generations of women and non-binary technologists, paving the way for a tech future that embraces diversity and innovation.

Together, let's create a more inclusive and equitable tech landscape, driving positive change for the generations to come.

Get ready to network and connect at Grace Hopper Celebration 2023! Download your profile banner below and let your LinkedIn connections know you're attending.

2023 Grace Hopper

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Life at Barclays Whippany New Jersey

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Front-End Developer

Be the brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance of existing and new systems.

Back-End Engineer 

Build and maintain the server-side of financial systems, ensuring data security and performance.

Business Analyst 

Play a critical role in helping drive forward change and innovation solutions to complex problems. You'll work with business areas to understand their needs and convey them to the technology team.

Cloud/ Platform/ Infrastructure Engineer

Specialize in designing and mapping cloud and infrastructure to deliver reliable financial solutions.

Data Engineer 

Build the data and platform in the Cloud, work on SDLC, focus on reliability and data science in Python and Spark.

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