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Discovering and developing my technology career at Barclays 

The technology world never stops moving and changing. There are so many realms to explore that are constantly developing, so there’s always something new to discover. This potential for endless possibility is what led me to make such a big change in my life, as I redirected my career path for the third and final time.

I started by studying Chemical Engineering at university, before switching to Economics – but I still wanted to learn more. I wanted to develop a career where I could create something tangible that would really benefit others – and I’m happy to say I’ve found this on the Barclays Technology team in Prague.

Discovering my thirst for knowledge

I took my first step towards technology while researching the knowledge needed to apply for a master's in Information Management, where Java was listed as a core skill. So, I started to research relevant training programmes. That’s when I came across Czechitas, an organisation dedicated to inspiring, educating and providing opportunities for women in technology. They offered a programme focused on learning the basics of Java, which had been developed in partnership with Barclays. For me, the course was perfect. I was sat amongst a diverse group of women who came from all walks of life but held the same ambition: to advance our potential in the technology world.

I learnt a lot in during the 10-week programme, but even more so because of the mentors from Barclays. They were always free to chat and guide me – not only in my tasks during the course, but in my home-learning too. I’d go to them with a question and come away with a long list of resources to aid my research. This gave me a great first impression of what it meant to be a Barclays colleague, and an inside look into the supportive culture within their team. It was the perfect first taste of a technology career at Barclays.

"I’m learning every day and using my new-found skills in the real world"

Gaining skills for the future

A few months after the programme ended, I found out that Barclays was launching a Technology apprenticeship programme in Prague. It was exactly the opportunity I’d been hoping for. I was thrilled to be welcomed onto the programme in September 2020, and I’m happy to say it’s not only met my expectations but has exceeded them beyond belief. Right at the start, my manager and I set clear objectives and designed a personalised learning plan to help me achieve my goals. I’m learning every day and using my new-found skills in the real world. I love making an impact and can only dream of the difference I’ll be able to make in the years to come.

In my role, I’m learning the skills to become either an Analyst or Developer. Barclays are keen for me to test both paths and see where my skills best lie for my long-term career. Whichever road I follow, I know I’ll be able to play my part in developing or implementing valuable solutions for our business. I’m proud to work for an organisation that is genuinely committed to my development and will teach me the skills I need to take me into the future.

Finding support around every corner

I’m not only developing my skills, I’m achieving qualifications too. I’m currently studying to obtain the Oracle Java SE Programmer Certification, all because I shared my interest with my manager and they encouraged me to learn more. I’ve not only been supported by my manager, but my team buddy has also been there at every step to talk me through any challenges and provide support whenever needed.

I may have been working from home for my entire Barclays career, but I’ve always felt welcome and included as part of the friendly, diverse community. I know that if I were to come across any challenges, I have a team around me ready to help. Plus, I’m working alongside a close-knit group of Technology apprentices in Prague – not to mention the global network of apprentices across the globe who I’m in contact with. From London to Glasgow, I’m encouraged to reach out, share my experiences and never stop learning from each other.

Taking my career to new heights

If you’re looking for an employer who’ll support and guide you, while offering you the training and development opportunities to reach new heights, Barclays is the place for you. Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship or are a veteran in the tech field, Barclays has an opportunity for you – and they’ll keep inspiring you to push further every single day.



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