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10 years on

When Barclays colleagues started sharing their own stories around mental health and wellbeing in 2013, we didn’t anticipate the wider impact that the campaign, This is me, would have both within Barclays and beyond. This is me continues to be a driving force for challenging the stigma around disability and mental health and in 2016 it was shared with the City of London’s Lord Mayor’s Appeal, with over 400 organisations taking part with the potential to reach over 3 million employees.

We continue to co-chair the This is me steering committee under the auspices of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal charity. With an impact across our global offices, This is me has now become our storytelling vehicle across all of our colleagues, showcasing the powerful personal stories that make up our culture – beyond disability and mental health.

Barclays presents:
This is me

Meet the colleagues at Barclays from around the world, with personal This is me stories that showcase their life at Barclays and beyond. From Japan to Birmingham, their stories all have one thing in common – the ability to bring their whole selves to work.

Meet Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn goes into detail on their journey to acceptance of themself, and how Barclays have supported this journey.

Meet Paula

Inspired by her mum and her Latina upbringing, Paula shares her path to Barclays and the community it provides her with.

Meet Raoul

Raoul, our CEO of Barclays France, explains the importance of mentorship, being open minded and giving people the tools to try and achieve.

Meet Sharleighn

An inspiring mother to young boys, Sharleighn’s passionate about showing the next generation that they can achieve big things regardless of their barriers.

Meet Eddie

Whilst living in Japan, Eddie shares how he brings his culture to work, particularly within the Embrace multicultural employee resource group at Barclays.

Meet Karen

After being faced with something life changing, Karen's network at home, church and Barclays has been integral to her positive attitude.

Meet Sudharsan

The support Suds received from his father who worked in banking, gave him the opportunity to get started in his career. Suds wants to ensure others receive the same support.

Meet JJ

After experiencing discrimination for his ethnicity and sexuality, JJ channelled his energy into helping others and devoting hours to helping young people.

Meet Sohenny

Sohenny felt the support from Barclays and her colleagues after she was affected by hurricane Sandy. Community is now incredibly important to her.

Meet Kwasi

Hearing an intern recount how he had shaved his dreadlocks to appear more 'presentable', Kwasi was determined to be a role model to future interns at Barclays.

Meet Sunaina

Sunaina learned how important it was to speak up and ask for help after a period of chronic pain and anxiety.

Meet Jessica

From spending 7 years in Hong Kong to moving back to NYC with her young daughter, Jessica shares her career experience and the importance of balance.

Meet Jayanthi

Jayanthi is now living the life she always dreamt of after her surgery in 2020, she shares her unique story and feeling of acceptance at Barclays.

Meet Patrick

Patrick shares his experience with brain cancer and the recovery process of speech therapy and getting back to work. He now is dedicated to spreading awareness.

Meet Tracy

Tracy shares her experience from branch through to digital eagle, and highlights the importance of colleague support, friendship and connection.

Meet Peter

12 years ago, when Peter was seeing a therapist close to his Manhattan office, he would “sneak out, pretending I was going to lunch or had a meeting” to his other colleagues.

Meet Shejal

After growing up in India and facing criticism, Shejal is passionate about supporting women to thrive in their careers and helping with networks and resource groups.

Meet Aneesah

From graduate, to podcast co-founder, to sustainability manager - Aneesah shares her experience and the importance representation has had on her life.

The making of...

The making of...

In 2023, to mark the 10-year anniversary of This is me, we created a series of micro-documentaries featuring 18 Barclays colleagues. Representing our 6 DEI agendas – Gender, Multicultural, Socioeconomic, Disability, LGBTQ+ and Multigenerational. With the colleagues serving as producers of their own stories in a non-scripted way, the series has co-created content with authentic stories at the heart.