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Latin Professionals Resource Group

The Latin Professionals Resource Group (LPRG) helps to promote, develop and empower Latin talent the right way within Barclays, as well as externally.

Our ERG offers an inclusive environment to enhance cross-cultural understanding through active dialogue and shared experiences for all colleagues, irrespective of demographics.

We believe in creating opportunities for learning about diversity and embracing its richness. We support and highlight the achievements and success stories of those who relate to Latin heritage and culture to inspire the overall community.

Multicultural and Faith Resource Group

The Multicultural and Faith Employee Resource Group’s (MFRG) purpose is to advocate, educate, promote and drive representation of multiculturalism and faith, and is dedicated to helping Barclays be a truly inclusive workplace. The MFRG brings together the former UK Multicultural Employee Resource Group and Barclays’ Faith Forums and sits alongside the regional multicultural resource groups.

Building on the great work of the Multicultural Resource Groups and the Christian Forum, Hindu Forum, Jewish Forum, Muslim Forum and Sikh Forum; this new ERG will focus on how culture and faith drive inclusion and helps Barclays to make the right business decisions for our clients, colleagues and communities.